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Document management and CRM solution


nZoom is a web-based platform designed to help you manage your company’s processes and information more efficiently. It aims to streamline and centralise your business information and help you share it faster and more efficiently between your various departments, offices or companies. Last but not least, you can analyse all collected data to identify any issues and optimise your processes. 

The key advantage of nZoom compared to similar solutions in its class is the functionality to fully tailor the product to your needs - from its menu appearance to document names and attributes. The system will be customised to follow your business processes - you will get a truly bespoke solution, fully aligned with your specific business goals. On the other hand, all solutions for our clients share the same basic technology to ensure that you receive all the benefits of an actively developed product with new functionalities for your system.

The underlying logic of nZoom is fully compliant with the requirements of the quality management systems and makes it much easier for certified companies to maintain their applied standards. The system provides automated notifications on upcoming events or performs specific actions upon reaching set parameters, to save effort and eliminate the need of constant employee verifications throughout the process stages. Currently,  nZoom is successfully deployed at various business clients—sales companies, manufacturers, service providers, insurers, etc.


nZoom keeps track of your interactions with your counterparties and stores any relevant information in electronic records. It provides full traceability of all events.

nZoom facilitates coordination between different employees, departments and offices within an organisation. Anyone has real-time access to any information they need. The platform provides employee time reporting tools (as needed) and generates overall performance reports.

You can use nZoom to organise all your information by projects - documents, tasks, events. Deadlines and milestones are easily monitored.

The financial module provides an executive overview of the cash flow trends and structure. nZoom analyses information based on your predefined automated reports. The software has a system of search filters based on various criteria.