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IT services

Support and process systems


BGService Ltd. purpose is to provide its customers the full range of IT services. The experience earned during projects realization, combined with the company investment in employee certification, internal trainings and seminars allows to offer recent solutions based new technology and well prepared team.
Our mission is to support businesses to use more efficient the Information Technology, thus companies increase their productivity and improve their financial performance.  BGService Ltd. offers its competence from audit of the existing structure, through the implementation or development of solutions, to the maintenance and staff  training therefor.


Project management

BGService Ltd. has completed successful implementations of various software solutions - storehouse and accounting products, CRM and GroupWare products. Our main goal is to adapt the software to the client's business model and to incorporate it into the company's IT environment by building links to existing products.
During the project, we take the responsibility for installation, client training, and procedures related to the use of newly purchased software. As the same contact for end client and the software developer, we help seriously to reduce time for system integration and manage to increase customer satisfaction by protecting his interests.

IT security audit 

The development of the ways of exchange and access to the information leads to increasing productivity but also to significantly greater risks of compromising the system security. According to an IDG survey, data security is currently the greatest problem faced by companies.
The constantly increasing size of the data on user computers must be backed up by fast and reliable system. Software such as torrents, chat with clients, Trojans, breaches in the system security software, may lead to leakage of confidential information.
The additional risks of natural disasters, electric shocks, and other extraordinary events make Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans mandatory for each individual company.

System integration 

For the conception and delivery of hardware systems, BGService Ltd. relies on its  contacts with the representatives of all major IT companies on the Bulgarian market.
As an independent provider, we choose to make the optimal solution for the client instead of offering products of particular company. Our experience as a consultant and integrator of IT infrastructure for hotels and business buildings help us to consider each projects from different perspectives by identifying key positions and guarantee the stable work of all subsystems.
To complete specific tasks BGService Ltd. hires subcontractors, who are specialists in the given field and takes the full responsibility for the quality and timely implementation of the project. You can rely on us for the full support.


Outsourcing some of the responsibilities of computer support or software development to the contractor is a main way for optimization of the costs for IT service.
Without fully replacing the developers of the company or its IT department, BGService Ltd. can take over some of their duties, working in full compliance with the requirements and internal rules of the contracting company. With a great number of different professionals our response time is even better than what can be achieved by employees with internal IT department of the company.
We also offer an option for an outsourced workplace by providing a proper specialist at your disposal every day at a location specified on your part.

Software services 

With the growth of a company, its requirements for service software are also changing. We can help the developer to prepare a complete set of terms for software development, based on the business logic of the company, its future development, and the budget available.
Our position as a mediator between business thinking and technical implementation greatly speeds up the implementation of the project and ensures that the client will get what he wants.
In addition of being a consultant of job preparation, BGService Ltd. can also be a contractor for custom software development projects.

IT consulting 

The lack of expert view in the implementation of information technology leads to defects that require extra expenses exceeding the consultant's fees.
We are able to analyze and optimize business needs and choose the right technology based on the budget, without losing sight of the client's short-term and long-term goals. By using the best of the commercial and open-source software, we achieve optimal returns on the company's investments without compromising on its IT policies and procedures.