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IT support—standard plans

We provide the full range of business IT services with guaranteed response times and high quality standards. Our plans are tailored to our customers’ specific needs.


Our subscription-based IT service and support allow companies to fully or partially outsource their IT-related business and services to a specialised IT provider.

BGService Ltd can assume the role of an outsourced IT department, providing services ranging from an IT professional to a CIO. The monthly IT support fee is set based on the software and hardware used, response time, on-call hours, etc. Whether it is about solving a specific client problem or a server database migration, you can count on our fast response and professional approach.

To get an expert consultation and recommendation, please, call 0889-IT-HELP (0889-48–4357) or write us at info(at)bgservice(dot)net


Guaranteed incident response time. You can count on our responsibility whenever you need an IT specialist

Offices in Sofia and Varna, nationwide on-site client service. If your company has offices at various locations in Bulgaria, we will provide on-site visits and remote support for each office, as needed.

A single point of contact for all IT issues. If you need a service we can’t currently provide ourselves, we will find the right provider and assist in solving the problem.

On-site workplace availability. If your company needs a constantly available IT professional, we can provide one for certain days or permanently at your specified location in Bulgaria.

On-site equipment and supplies delivery for our clients. We will consult your choices and deliver anything you need straight to your office.

Information backup and recovery. We use specialised backup software and have our own equipment available at certified data centres.

Cable and wireless network management and maintenance. We build VPN solutions, wireless networks for hotels and office buildings, Internet service provider redundancy and failover for maximum fault tolerance.

Electronic ticket management and time reporting. All your calls and emails are recorded in our information system to allow us to analyse more efficiently and find a solution.

Transportation to and from the repair shop. We are responsible for the transportation and return of any faulty equipment.

On-site visits and remote administration. To minimise our response times, our Helpdesk professionals use remote access to client’s systems in cases when the problem can be solved more efficiently this way. For all other problems, we visit the client’s location.

Security solution deployment and support. After inspection and analysis of the existing situation, we create customised solutions to improve our clients’ system and network security.

Server maintenance. We provide ongoing monitoring of the hardware properties and the load on the separate components. Regular software updates are installed to improve performance or remove security vulnerabilities.